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Stop cat scratching: mission impossible

Dear humans please understand and accept a fact that scratching things is in cat’s nature!
By all means you can’t make a cat stop scratching, but you can keep a cat from destroying furniture by providing a proper scratching solution.

Cardboard cat scratcher

Cat scratching solutions

By scratching solutions I mean anything you allow your cat to scratch in the house. This can be a cat scratching post, climbing towers, other kinds of cat’s playgrounds or even carpet or old chair granted to your cat.
Modern stuff can be very stylish and even become decoration of your interior unlike torn to shreds chair which you most likely will try to hide out of sight.

Proper cat scratching solutions

Your cat will show if provided scratching solution is proper or not! You may spend a fortune on cat castle which will be ignored by your pet. Even more discouraging is when a cat rejects to use scratching post you diligently made by your own hands!

If you don’t offer your cat a proper scratching place, cat will have to decide by itself what to scratch. If a cat chooses your favorite couch you may blame only yourself for that.

As for me, I adore to scratch and nibble boxes!

Stop cat from scratching couch
Cardboard cat scratchers (or simple boxes) are good for us:

The only disadvantage is a lot of paperboard scraps I carry around the entire house on my tail and claws, but She can handle that!

I believe there is a perfect scratching solution for you and your cat as well. Good luck to find it!

Yours sincerely,

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Wash me, if you can

Since the very morning yesterday She was busy cleaning everything around the house, doing laundry. Even door mats, sport rucksacks and motorbike helmets were washed. This part of human feminine nature shows when She has a job which She doesn’t want to do at all. Home duties seem to be a good reason to for delay. For me it’s a very bad sign as I know exactly who else is in Her washing list. It’s me -eowwww!!! Nothing can save me but force majeure (at least water supply damage or electricity network collapse) and shortage of cat shampoo.

Reason to wash a cat

Cats are supposed to wash themselves good enough.  
Help from humans can be reasonable only sometimes.
-1- In case of severe contamination to prevent a cat from making dirty the entire interior. For example when I’m back home after my lawn-and-garden job.
-2- In case of contamination by substances cats can’t clean themselves or better not to lick (paint, oil, etc)
-3- Too defeat fleas by Anti-flea shampoo
-4- For extra hair care. Breeders wash their pets to make them look glam for cat shows.

I don’t know any other reasons why to wash a cat!

They wash my paws after every walk in the garden because I’m allowed to sleep on Their bed and everywhere else in a house. That’s fair, I guess …

Sometimes they wash me entirely to discover how white I really am and make me look glam – for Their (well… as a matter of fact – for Her) own pleasure, I’m not visiting any cat shows. Also there are practical reasons: to improve my fur and to reduce shedding of hair. Yes, it’s possible if using proper shampoo and conditioner!

Washing a cat is a tricky thing! To survive human must be as patient and tactful as possible trying to make is humiliating procedure most comfortable for a cat.

  1. Don’t make a cat wallow clumsy in a big slippery bath, use a smaller tub (cat size) or put a bath mat on the bottom to make us feel steady.
  2. I hate shower, that hissing beast! A bowl is better to use to gently pour water on me.
  3. Make sure temperature of water is pleasant – not too cold, not too hot. We are washing a cat – not cooking it, not quenching, remember?
  4. Use a cat shampoo, not other washing materials. Some humans use neutral baby shampoo which is better than mint and other strong aroma human shampoo or dishwashing detergents. But it’s better to use shampoo created especially for cats. Actually it’s better use a professional cat shampoo! The result is worth a higher price paid. Good care makes more hair stay on a cat reducing shedding considerably.
  5. Keep a clean wet cat in a warm soft place away from draught until it cat is completely dry (including undercoat!). Some humans use hairdryer to dry a cat. It’s possible, but not for me! Consult your cat in your individual case.
  6. Be nice!!! Talk to a cat, calm us down, praise our courage, admire our patience, give us tasty compensation afterwards, and don’t laugh at our wet out look!!!

I allow Them to wash me only because They follow these simple rules and treat me with great respect. I do growl and spit but never bite or scratch Them.

Yours sincerely,