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Stop cat scratching: mission impossible

Dear humans please understand and accept a fact that scratching things is in cat’s nature!
By all means you can’t make a cat stop scratching, but you can keep a cat from destroying furniture by providing a proper scratching solution.

Cardboard cat scratcher

Cat scratching solutions

By scratching solutions I mean anything you allow your cat to scratch in the house. This can be a cat scratching post, climbing towers, other kinds of cat’s playgrounds or even carpet or old chair granted to your cat.
Modern stuff can be very stylish and even become decoration of your interior unlike torn to shreds chair which you most likely will try to hide out of sight.

Proper cat scratching solutions

Your cat will show if provided scratching solution is proper or not! You may spend a fortune on cat castle which will be ignored by your pet. Even more discouraging is when a cat rejects to use scratching post you diligently made by your own hands!

If you don’t offer your cat a proper scratching place, cat will have to decide by itself what to scratch. If a cat chooses your favorite couch you may blame only yourself for that.

As for me, I adore to scratch and nibble boxes!

Stop cat from scratching couch
Cardboard cat scratchers (or simple boxes) are good for us:

The only disadvantage is a lot of paperboard scraps I carry around the entire house on my tail and claws, but She can handle that!

I believe there is a perfect scratching solution for you and your cat as well. Good luck to find it!

Yours sincerely,