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We Trust No Dog

If you are a millionaire’s cat you also may have money. Your own money!!!

Cat's money - Katten Kabinet Amsterdam

A very special cat John Pierpont Morgan was getting a very special present for his every fifth birthday. For 5 years he got his portrait painted Ansél Sandberg, for 10 years – a bronze sculpture. By the 15th anniversary Aart Clerkx made a portrait of the lucky cat in a style of the USA dollar bill.

cat John Pierpont Morgan  portrait -  - Katten Kabinet Amsterdam

A set of these dollar bills was printed from the bank of Pierpont Morgan. The text “In God We Trust” was specially replaced with the text “We Trust No Dog”.

When the kitty passed away in 1983 his owner Bob Meijer founded the Cat Cabinet in commemoration of his beloved pet. Katten Kabinet is located in Amsterdam. Would be a curious place to visit! The museum exhibits works of arts devoted to cats – paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, posters. Some of them can be seen at

Cats in art - Katten Kabinet Amsterdam

As for me, Kot, I’m 12 now. It means that as a respectable cat I already need to have a portrait and a bronze sculpture of me!  Though more than that I need love and care, all the rest can wait.

Yours sincerely,