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Kiss-kiss, kitty!

Did you know that in Russian language to call a cat instead of “kitty kitty!” you should say “kis-kis!”? Sometimes it’s shortened to “ksss-ksss”. Sound “S” is important. To emphasize it we can write double “S” in English spelling and get “KISS-KISS”. That’s funny 🙂

“How much Russians adore cats if they call them “kiss-kiss”, – you might think and wouldn’t be wrong! Many Russians have pet cats unlike for example Asian countries where dogs are favorites.

Russians call cats "kiss-kiss"Russians call cats "kiss-kiss"

The photo is taken in winter 2011, in the Ural region of Russia. That cat walking by himself was in no “kissing” mood and quickly run away. May be the reason was a chilly temperature under minus -20° C.

One more funny thing is that only Russian cats respond to this call!

She tried saying “kiss-kiss” to call Thai cats. No reaction!

 Thai cats respond to meow-meow

This nun showed us that Thai cats respond to something like “meow-meow” (แมว), which means “cat” in Thai language. By “meow-meow” this lady gathered many cats in no time!

 Thai cats respond to meow-meow

I myself gladly respond to kiss-kiss. It’s always a sign of something good and not necessary kissing. It can signify meal, dainties, fun or that She misses me terribly.

Please let me know how you call cats in your country.

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