Welcome to my online diary

We Trust No Dog
If you are a millionaire’s cat you also may have money. Your own money!!! Read more
Cats in cappuccino latte art
This coffee master from Japan must be a real genius to create amazing thing like these! I’m pleased some of his masterpieces are devoted to cats. Read more
Stop cat scratching: mission impossible
You can’t keep a cat from scratching, but you can save your furniture by providing a proper scratching place Read more
Kot’s travel “miles”
These are my personal records by air, by sea, by land (train and car) to estimate value of my travelling experience. Read more
Kiss-kiss, kitty!
In Russia to call a cat instead of “kitty kitty!” you should say “kis-kis!”, in Thailand “meow-meow”. How you call cats in your country? Read more
Wash me, if you can
Washing a cat is a tricky thing! To survive human must be as patient and tactful as possible trying to make is humiliating procedure most comfortable for a cat. Read more
Changes are for Good
Overcome fear of changes and start exploring what they came with. Any change has its positive potential and that it’s better to keep eyes open to see it! Read more
Call me Kot
I’m Caesar, a domestic cat. DOMESTIC CAT is not just a specification in my documents. It’s my destiny, my mission in this world. Read more
Her New Year resolution
“NOW resolution” works better than “New Year Resolution” because many desires are perishable. Don’t make your dreams wait too long. Read more