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Call me Kot

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Caesar, a domestic cat.

DOMESTIC CAT” is not just a specification in my documents. It’s my destiny, my mission in this world.

Let me explain.

I used to be a stray kitten. After adoption I gladly became DOMESTICated. That felt so great that I decided to become DOMESTICator myself. Travelling a lot with my family I DOMESTICate any place we stay for a couple of nights or half a year. I can make any place home! I’m very good at it! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that for my family home is a place where is the cat.

I am a domactic cat

In a manner this is a talent of many CATs; some advanced dogs can have it as well. Thought it’s up to humans to accept this gift from us or not.

Like all cats I have many cats’ talents and a direct connection with unlimited source of meow wisdom, but my personality is extremely bright because I’m cat squared! Thanks to my name of cause!

My name Caesar should remind you of an ancient Roman general Gaius Julius Caesar. It suits me ok. Though I’m rather thinker&pacificator than warrior, I do like to extend land in my possession, to have control and to be treated with much respect and honor.

All pets have family nicknames. I have hundreds of them! She is unbelievably creative with names inventing new ones all the time. Thanks God cats are mind readers! I have no problem to understand when She is calling for me.

One more problem is that the word “Caesar” sounds dissimilar in different languages, and some nations find it impossible to pronounce at all! Saying nothing of my numerous “home nicknames” 🙂 So They started to introduce me more and more often as KOT.

It’s He who started to call me Kot. Men really are practical and reasonable.

The word “Kot” means CAT in Russian language. When people call me Kot this squares all my cat characteristics and meow wisdom. I’m very much ok with that!

So, please call me Kot!


Today I shared with you two basic formulas of my philosophy:

basic formulas of Kot philosophy

As simple as that.

Yours sincerely,