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Changes are for Good

For many years my only possession was an apartment in a multistory building where I spent most of my time. I had my family and everything a cat can dream about, even my own view point.  It was ok! I didn’t want any changes. I guess human would call me conservative.

Calm contemplation of outside world through the window was my favorite entertainment. Meanwhile I didn’t enjoy going out at all. Luckily this didn’t happen often. I went for a walk only when They (well… as a matter of fact  – when She) decided to get me a blow (in an industrial center – go on!) or wanted to show me the sky, the Moon, the snow, the grass and other stuff that was supposed to give me a nice touch of nature.

Well, for a home pet that “touch” wasn’t very pleasant. I was shocked by open air, noise, thousands of smells and strangers. Who cares about the Moon in such situation? Too polite to complain I was looking forward till She is satisfied by my contact with nature and brings me home.

This experience made me believe that every time I’m taken out They always bring me back after some time. Once it didn’t happen!

A great shift of reality took place when we moved to a new apartment. That was quite a shock! I was sitting under the bed with my eyes closed hoping to wake up back at familiar place… Though I’m not much of a hunger striker I refused to get out for food.

… Oh, how I wish to get that lunch right now…

It took me several days to except the new situation, to overcome fear of changes and start exploring what they came with.

My new territory happened to be at least 4 times larger than the old place. I got with my personal balcony and many new view points! That was rewarding!!!

So I had to admit that any change has its positive potential and that it’s better to keep eyes open to see it.

This profound understanding initiated my internal transformation – vital for my new life full of great changes that was about to begin.

With no fear I welcome changes, never miss lunch again and even care about the Moon.

I wish no fears prevent you from enjoying changes in your life!


Yours sincerely,