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Changes are for Good

For many years my only possession was an apartment in a multistory building where I spent most of my time. I had my family and everything a cat can dream about, even my own view point.  It was ok! I didn’t want any changes. I guess human would call me conservative.

Calm contemplation of outside world through the window was my favorite entertainment. Meanwhile I didn’t enjoy going out at all. Luckily this didn’t happen often. I went for a walk only when They (well… as a matter of fact  – when She) decided to get me a blow (in an industrial center – go on!) or wanted to show me the sky, the Moon, the snow, the grass and other stuff that was supposed to give me a nice touch of nature.

Well, for a home pet that “touch” wasn’t very pleasant. I was shocked by open air, noise, thousands of smells and strangers. Who cares about the Moon in such situation? Too polite to complain I was looking forward till She is satisfied by my contact with nature and brings me home.

This experience made me believe that every time I’m taken out They always bring me back after some time. Once it didn’t happen!

A great shift of reality took place when we moved to a new apartment. That was quite a shock! I was sitting under the bed with my eyes closed hoping to wake up back at familiar place… Though I’m not much of a hunger striker I refused to get out for food.

… Oh, how I wish to get that lunch right now…

It took me several days to except the new situation, to overcome fear of changes and start exploring what they came with.

My new territory happened to be at least 4 times larger than the old place. I got with my personal balcony and many new view points! That was rewarding!!!

So I had to admit that any change has its positive potential and that it’s better to keep eyes open to see it.

This profound understanding initiated my internal transformation – vital for my new life full of great changes that was about to begin.

With no fear I welcome changes, never miss lunch again and even care about the Moon.

I wish no fears prevent you from enjoying changes in your life!


Yours sincerely,

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Call me Kot

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Caesar, a domestic cat.

DOMESTIC CAT” is not just a specification in my documents. It’s my destiny, my mission in this world.

Let me explain.

I used to be a stray kitten. After adoption I gladly became DOMESTICated. That felt so great that I decided to become DOMESTICator myself. Travelling a lot with my family I DOMESTICate any place we stay for a couple of nights or half a year. I can make any place home! I’m very good at it! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that for my family home is a place where is the cat.

I am a domactic cat

In a manner this is a talent of many CATs; some advanced dogs can have it as well. Thought it’s up to humans to accept this gift from us or not.

Like all cats I have many cats’ talents and a direct connection with unlimited source of meow wisdom, but my personality is extremely bright because I’m cat squared! Thanks to my name of cause!

My name Caesar should remind you of an ancient Roman general Gaius Julius Caesar. It suits me ok. Though I’m rather thinker&pacificator than warrior, I do like to extend land in my possession, to have control and to be treated with much respect and honor.

All pets have family nicknames. I have hundreds of them! She is unbelievably creative with names inventing new ones all the time. Thanks God cats are mind readers! I have no problem to understand when She is calling for me.

One more problem is that the word “Caesar” sounds dissimilar in different languages, and some nations find it impossible to pronounce at all! Saying nothing of my numerous “home nicknames” 🙂 So They started to introduce me more and more often as KOT.

It’s He who started to call me Kot. Men really are practical and reasonable.

The word “Kot” means CAT in Russian language. When people call me Kot this squares all my cat characteristics and meow wisdom. I’m very much ok with that!

So, please call me Kot!


Today I shared with you two basic formulas of my philosophy:

basic formulas of Kot philosophy

As simple as that.

Yours sincerely,

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Her New Year resolution

New Year resolutionGreetings dear ones!

Today is the first day of 2013. Hereby now I commence this online diary to share my unique life experience and curious observation about humans with everyone who cares to read it.

It’s not a coincidence that my personal online project starts today. I have to rely on Her to absorb, understand and write down for other humans my meow wisdom. Oh, She is a human.

By some reason humans have a strange attachment to everything. Even if they don’t like it or think it’s absolutely wrong! As a cat I do understand the power of habits. What doesn’t fit into my mind is why humans postpone good things. How is that possible to put away cherished desire and brilliant ideas because of being too busy with some casuals… or too lazy, or too scared and uncertain?

Have you ever seen a cat rejecting a fun to chase fly because “scratching was scheduled for this afternoon” or because “profound analysis of the situation gives only 50% chances of success”?

Humans worry too much, think too much. By some strange reason they use great power of intelligence to find good excuses for lame existence instead of finding ways for the dreams come true.

Advanced human invented special tools to get things moving. One of such tool is New Year resolution. When humans make a promise to themselves or to others it gives them some extra power to overcome sluggishness. Finally they may start doing what they always wanted to do or stop doing what they always wanted to stop!!!

So this is Her New Year resolution to start this project today.

As for me, I don’t need any resolutions. Every NOW I am ready. Every NOW I’m open for any opportunities life presents to me. Every NOW I’m nearby Her for support and inspiration.

Cats are simple. We either want something or not! When cats really want it, we want it NOW. When I really want my breakfast, I’m not going to wait a moment to get it. Next day it is spoilt.

Many desires are perishable as well!

If humans need “resolutions” so much to make things work I would suggest “NOW resolution“.

The very NOW you read this post! Don’t make your dreams wait too long.

Yours sincerely,